The Analysis and Risk Management course intend to teach students the importance of knowing the risks. Also they can acquire enough knowledge to be able to analyze, manage and treat risks under MAGERIT methodology using the PILAR tool.

In this course, there will be a practical case and feature videos that will assist in the use of PILAR Tool.All of these will also be supervised by the expert in analysis and risk management, José A. Mañas.

José A. Mañas, creator of the tool PILAR and the person who has developed all the content is an Engineer of Telecommunication and Doctor in Computer Science for the Technical University of Madrid, Professor in the Engineering department of Telematic Systems of the E.T.S.I. of the Telecommunication of the Technical University of Madrid. He takes part in the national committee CTN71/SC27 of AENOR and collaborates with the National Cryptologic Center in the security of Information topic.(CCN).

This course is mainly directed towards; Risk directors, System of Information directors, Fullfilment Responsibles, Security Responsibles, Security Technicians and Consultants and Auditors interested in the area.

For further information you can be in touch with us through our mail or telephone number; – 91 745 11 57.